My Journey

Hi, I’m Angie.

I live in Vancouver, BC Canada with my husband Brandon and spend all my free time creating mixed media collage art, writing fiction novels and exploring my beautiful city.

When I’m on the interwebs I tweet at @write_me_happy, post pics on Instagram, and connect with new friends on Facebook

I sell my mixed media collage art on Etsy.

But enough about that, I bet you want to know the juicy bit. I don’t blame you.

This is my Journey…

Two years ago something happened that changed my view of life – my stepbrother died in a car accident. He was just 26 years old. At the funeral everyone spoke of how he lived his life to the fullest. In that moment I realized I was doing a terrible job of living my life. I was coasting and not even enjoying the ride.

So I made a decision. I would stop living on the sidelines, watching others enjoy life, and start living. Brandon and I sold our beautiful home in Winnipeg, MB Canada and quit our unfulfilling jobs to embark on a new journey in Vancouver.

Fast forward two years…

Now I’m on the path to living my life to the fullest. Each day I wake up knowing that I’m taking chances, challenging my comfort zones and doing what I love.

This website is a unity of my true self. Here you’ll find all my layers: artist, writer, creativity coach, gardener and urban homesteader. (and maybe a few more.)

My quirky self…

  • I’m a huge hockey fan. Have been since I was a little girl. My favourite team is the Vancouver Canucks, though you might catch my cheering for the Winnipeg Jets too.
  • I adore all things British. I’m not entirely clear when this began but I can tell you that if you want to score points in my book, just mention something British.
  • As a child I wanted to be a singer. You can still find me singing and dancing my heart out in my kitchen while I make dinner.
  • I love a good cuppa tea, snugly blankets and books. Always books.
  • For those interested in Myers-Briggs I’m an ENTJ.
  • I’m a dreamer. I’m intuitive. I’m a problem solver.
  • To celebrate the next chapter in my life I had the words “This is my journey” tattooed on the inside of my right arm to remind me to live the best life I can live.

Whatever the reason for stopping by, thank you and welcome!