My Journey



I’m Angie Richmond and this is my Virtual Home.

I believe that everyone is creative. I believe that support, encouragement and a safe space to explore your dreams is important. I believe creating a legacy is essential.

It started with a desire…

I can’t recall when the desire first appeared but I remember the feeling. I remember the longing that tugged not only at my heart but also my head. I knew that at the core of my desire I wanted to create something and I wanted to help others. I wanted to leave something behind to be proud of. I wanted to create a legacy.

I enrolled in university to study psychology. I was fascinated with personalities and human behavior. I wanted to take what I learned and help people – really help people live their life to the fullest. I graduated with every intention to pursue my dreams but then life took a twist – as it so often does.

The tipping point…

As the years passed, I found myself moving further away from my true path. I felt disconnected from that original desire to create and help. I was unhappy. It hurt.

And then something happen that changed my life. My step-brother died in a car accident. He was 26. At his funeral everyone spoke of how he lived his life to the fullest. It forced me to think about my own life and how far I’d strayed. It forced me to make a change.

Creating my legacy…

I accepted the fact that no one was going to change my life for me; I had to do the work.¬†Every decision I’ve made since that tragedy has been to honor those two desires – create & help.

I found coaching by accident. I was riding the bus home, reading a psychology newsletter when there it was. My answer. A way to honor my desires.

I registered for college and began learning the craft of coaching. I combined my Bachelor’s in Psychology and my certification in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with my passion for writing and creating art. I began to carve out a new career for myself; one that I could be proud of.

I became a Creativity Coach because I understand the challenges creatives face. As a writer and artist I know the integral role a coach can play. It’s become my mission to create a safe space for creatives to just…be.

My quirky self…

  • I’m a HUGE hockey fan. Have been since I was a little girl. My favourite team is the Vancouver Canucks, though you might catch my cheering for the Winnipeg Jets too.
  • I ADORE all things British. I’m not entirely clear when this began but I can tell you that if you want to score points in my book, just mention something British.
  • As a child I wanted to be a singer. You can still find me singing and dancing my heart out in my kitchen while I make dinner.
  • I’m married to an amazing man named Brandon who is also a talented percussionist.
  • I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada but we recently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to pursue our creative careers. Best. Decision. Ever.
  • I write urban fantasy and historical fiction novels.
  • I create art that usually features cute birds and makes me smile. My first real piece of art was a tribute to my step-brother.
  • I love a good cuppa tea, snugly blankets and books. Always books.
  • For those interested in Myers-Briggs I’m an ENTJ.
  • I’m a dreamer. I’m intuitive. I’m a problem solver.
  • I have a tattoo on my arm that says “This is my journey” because it most certainly is.

And it’s your journey too so let’s make it count! Together we can write your creative legacy.

Interested in working with me? Visit my coaching page for more details.