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  • Snow. 80s Music. Writing.

    Snow. 80s Music. Writing.

    It’s Tuesday night and I’m listening to 80s music because I need *something* to keep my mind off the fact that outside it’s snowing again. Honestly, it was a pretty rough day. I finished work completely bagged. I skipped working out and crawled into bed for a quick 30 minute nap which helped. A bit.…

  • Quick Update: More Cemetery Tours Coming!

    Quick Update: More Cemetery Tours Coming!

    That’s right! Every Sunday morning at 10:00 am (CST) I’ll be premiering a new cemetery tour on my YouTube channel. Which means if you watch live you can chat with me! This Sunday I have a tour of St-Pierre-Jolys Roman Catholic Old Cemetery located in St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba, Canada. It has some beautiful and unique old…

  • Saturday Ramblings

    Saturday Ramblings

    This week has been tiring, y’all. Actually the last couple weeks have been brutal. The weather has been cold and snowy. Like 61.7 inches (156.7 cm) of accumulated snow, snowy. *cries* February is the worst month ever in case you didn’t know that. It’s left me battling the winter blues. Basically all I want to…