Buyer’s Remorse

After posting my first entry on my brand spanking new blog, I was giddy with excitement that I had finally taken the plunge into blogger world. Sure I was new to this whole thing, but I’d catch on quickly (hopefully) and this was a chance for me to freely express my experiences as an
out-of-the-closet writer.

It wasn’t until the next day that I began to realize that perhaps I may be in over my head.

Between working full-time, writing my novel, reading and various other social media sites that keep me glued to my computer screen, how would I have time to blog? Not to mention my family and friends that would surely want to spend time with me at some point.

Umm–what was I thinking?!

Panic set in that blogging would take precious time away from writing, which I was already struggling to do. After a long and fairly stern talk with myself (yes, I do talk to myself on occasion.) I decided to lighten up. This wasn’t supposed to be a chore, but a fun way to interact with other writers across this big blue and green marble we call Earth.

So doubts aside, I’m jumping in!






2 responses to “Buyer’s Remorse”

  1. Daniel Swensen Avatar

    Blogging IS writing. Not fiction (well, not NECESSARILY fiction), but still writing. 😀

  2. Angie Richmond Avatar

    Yes, it would appear I've learned that. Oh how wise I've become :PHave some great writer friends to thank for that! *points at you*

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