To Type or To Write? – That is the Question!

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I swear I was born in the wrong century.

I have a few legitimate reasons to back this up, but let’s go with the one that led me to write this.

I love paper and pens! I love the feel of a brand new, crisp, clean piece of paper. Any colour will do. I am obsessed with journals and notebooks. I hoard them like those crazy people on hoarders hoard…well… everything.

*Note I am not dogging on hoarders or the disorder that plagues them. I’m simply making a point.

I buy paper/journals/notebooks and use them for specific topics/ideas/lists etc. I find it hard to cross write in them too. If I’ve labelled a notebook for writing about one story, I sure as hell can’t write something else in it. If it’s for journaling then you’ll not find a lingering sentence from a story in it. I promise! I know…I’m seriously ill.

Which leads me perfectly in to my pen obsession. I found a pen 7 years ago that I absolutely loved using to write. Didn’t matter the colour of ink but it had to be a Liquid Expresso fine point tip by Papermate. I became determined to write with nothing else. Unfortunately finding these pens became nearly impossible. Short of ordering them online – which I would have done – I decided to seek out another pen that would be comparable. FYI my new pen is made by Staedtler called triplus fineliner. Awesome name.

Okay, I’m ranting a bit here. Let’s get back on to topic…Writing vs Typing.

So you can see my love of writing by hand is pretty substantial. Paper…good! Pens…GOOD! If I was born hundreds of years ago I’m sure my vote would be for parchment and quill!

Cue unforeseen challenge. NaNoWriMo.

While handwriting seems to open my creative mind that much further, the thought of writing my NaNo story then typing it up while working on a deadline…well that’s just silly.
If I’m going to “compete” in NaNo I can’t very well ignore the fact that typing my story up as I go is a much more effective way to use my time.

Le Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my computer – Apple of course (R.I.P. Steve Jobs) therefore making my computer using experience delightful. Scrivener has become my constant companion over the years. It’s seen me through hours upon hours of copying and editing (not like plagiarism, unless copying your own ideas is plagiarism then..Guilty!)  and for that I am thankful.


I love paper and pens. (parchment and quills seriously would be pretty cool.)

So I have accepted my fate. In November I will toss aside my good friends Black Composition Notebook and Blue Staedtler triplus fineliner and say Hello to my other companions; 7 year old iBook and 3 year old iMac.

Which method do you prefer? Does handwriting make your heart flutter or cringe? Send me your thoughts!

6 thoughts on “To Type or To Write? – That is the Question!

  1. I adore the idea of writing with my favourite pen and pretty journal. I recently reached the end of my pretty lilac journal, and spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for the perfect black, leatherbound, A4 journal with narrow lining.But my computer always wins.As romantic as writing by hand is, it's just not practical for me. My hand can't keep up with my mind; typing furiously is the best I can do.In saying that, I do intend to learn short hand one day. Even for taking notes, I think it will be invaluable!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I tend to spend way to much on my journals as well.Usually I never finish writing in them either because sometimes they are just too pretty to write in. Good luck with NaNo!

  3. I love beautiful pens and paper, journals, stationery. I even do a little bit of calligraphy, so have more excuse to indulge in pens, inks, papers 😉 But for writing, I need the computer now. I can scribble an idea here or there, but the bulk of my writing is done with a keyboard. (P.S., I'm D.D. Syrdal on Twitter 😉 )

  4. Nice post! I enjoy writing with pen and paper, but more along the lines of notes and letters (which believe it or not I still do on occasion with certain friends and family members). But when I'm working on one of my stories, I have to use my computer. My thoughts get moving so fast when I'm writing on a WIP, that I wouldn't be able to keep up if I used pen and paper. LOL

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