Five Sentence Fiction

This week’s word is Wicked. Check out Lillie McFerrin’s blog for other excellent pieces!

I watched her walk along the dust-covered streets, alone with her thoughts. Her long strands of hair caught up in the wicked wind, swirling into a knotted mess above her head. She reminded me of Medusa, and I turned away fearful of being cast into stone. But I wanted to smell the earth and sky in those wild locks of hair; I was prepared to risk whatever evil befell me. As I stepped in the shadows, she disappeared, taking all that once was, with her and leaving me alone with the wicked wind.

16 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction

  1. The mysterious aspect is a lot of fun but I really enjoy that hint of menace and how the observer still wanted to be near her, smell her. She is entrancing and you made her that way for me as the reader, too. And the repetition of wicked wind was great. Symmetrical.

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