Five Sentence Fiction

This week’s word is Armor. Check out Lillie McFerrin’s blog for more fabulous posts.

“Hey fatty! Why you so fat, fatty?” The boys yelled out as she passed by. She let her head drop, her chin nearly touching her chest and her greasy hair forming a screen against their taunts. They started the snorting noises next; oinking and laughing as she tried to hurried past them, anxious for the safety of the school doors. Every day was the same taunts, the same shame, the same desperate need to disappear. As the tiny pebbles started hitting her back, she wondered how many Tylenol it actually took to kill a person.

7 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Angie, this so painfully on point. Your writing is so clear, so full of emotion and the straightforward style suits this story. Amazing to get so much in so few sentences. Beautifully done my dear!!

  2. Thank you both for the comments Jayne and Jo-Anne. The cruelty children suffer at the hands of bullies is tragic. Unfortunately it often carries over into adulthood.

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