Take a Picture… It Lasts Longer.

I must admit, there are days when life looks dull and unwelcoming. Days when my impatience and sense of unease overtake me – pressing me under their angry thumbs. I dislike those days – who doesn’t? It’s in those gloomy moments that I search for beauty.

I mentally step outside of the nastiness that threatens to pull me under and look around for something that will brighten my spirits. It’s not always easy, but if done right, it can change my whole attitude.

Since becoming the proud owner of a lovely iPhone, I’ve found this a tad bit easier. The first thing I did when I bought my iPhone was download Instagram. I’d heard others speak of its awesomeness and I wanted in!

Now I spend all my time thinking…..

What can I snap a picture of? What small loveliness can I find?

It’s been a great way for me to open my creative mind, look at things from a different perspective – and more importantly – have fun! Not to mention the added bonus that those pretty pictures will always be on hand when I need a boost of inspiration.

Sidewalk Joy!

Weeds are flowers too..once you get to know them . -Eeyore

Longing Eyes

7 thoughts on “Take a Picture… It Lasts Longer.

  1. Isn't it interesting how technology is perhaps making some people more creative? Or at least encouraging them to NOTICE the beauty more than they were before? People are snapping & posting all over the place. Love these shots. xoxo

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