Digital Break

Just a quick note to explain my sporadic appearances on the blog.

Look! May 1st brought rain & a chance to wear my boots!

I’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time reading lately, (YAY!) something I’ve neglected for far too long. As such, I’ll be here and there in the digital world. I’ll be on Twitter occasionally too – okay probably more than occasionally.

If you desperately need me, you can find my contact info in the tab above. I appreciate your patience while I indulge in some wonderful novels.

Happy May!






5 responses to “Digital Break”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Let us know about the great books you read! Happy May!

  2. Angie Richmond Avatar

    Oh well right now it's the Hunger Games series…LOVE!

  3. Anna Avatar

    Okay, I just had to say this: I really like your boots! 🙂 It's got a great design! 😀

  4. Avatar

    I feel you, Angie — I've been fairly absent myself lately. Here's to taking care of business and taking care of yourself! (And I LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy.)

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