Faerytaleish – A Cup of Galaxy

The delightful Anna over at Yearning for Wonderland is running yet another contest. Isn’t she awesome? This contest is focused on the power of images. Each participants was instructed to select a photo from the Faerytaleish Pinterest board and write a 300 word flash fiction. I was drawn to many photos, but in the end I chose this one

And now here is my flash fiction. Enjoy!

A Cup of Galaxy

“Hey Rosie, look what I can do!”

Jake tapped his wand against the edge of his plate. The peas that remained obediently lined up around the outer rim of his plate, while the baby carrots stood on end and began marching around the inner ring. It was a mini carrot parade with pea spectators. 

“That’s baby’s play.” Rosie scoffed, pushing her own vegetables around her plate with her fork.

“Is not!” Jake whined. His lack of concentration caused the cooked vegetables to fall abruptly.

“Is so! You’re just a silly baby.” Rosie pushed away her plate and folded her arms across her chest. Eyed her brother closely to see if he would succumb to tears.

“Oh yeah? Well – you’re a silly baby.” He stabbed at his once animated carrot with his fork and shoved it unceremoniously into his mouth.

She knew she shouldn’t tease him. Their older sister Rita called her the same names when she was just beginning to learn magic. After all Jake was only eight years old, nowhere near as grown up as her twelve years.

She looked around first, making sure their mother was still busy in the other room, before she tapped her teacup once. She whispered the incantation under her breath so Jake couldn’t hear. The once milking white steam that rose from the teacup turned grey then inky black and sprouted tiny twinkling stars.

Jake’s eyes grew as big as the full moon and his mouth gaped revealing a mixture of orange and green sludge.

“Wow, Rosie!” He whispered.

“I call it A Cup of Galaxy.”

He dipped his fingers into the steam galaxy, swirling the stars in concentric patterns.

“Okay, you win.”

She leaned back in her seat; a huge smile spreading across her lips.

“Of course I do!”

22 thoughts on “Faerytaleish – A Cup of Galaxy

  1. A lovely, magical, slice o’life! I like the conversation you’ve included :)) and all of the magical details like the carrots marching around the plate. I saw this picture on your likely choices and knew it would be the one for you! Well done, Ms Creative!

  2. Wonderful imagery! And it is exactly how siblings behave with one another at those ages. 🙂

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