Guest Post: Anna Meade

The fabulous Anna Meade over at Yearning for Wonderland has graciously agreed to hop over here to Write Me Happy and speak a little bit about faeries. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Anna (or her blog) let me tell you she’s the perfect lady for the job! She recently held a writing contest entitled Faerytaleish Pinterest, combining flash fiction and whimsical photos, something she does best! Make sure to stop by her blog if you’re yearning for wonderland (like I am!)

Okay so now I’m going to sit back and relax and let Anna take over.


Anna’s thoughts on faeries:

The faeries have always talked to me.

Perhaps I should be specific. I don’t really see little green and brown ladies, dressed in flower petals.

Do I truly believe in fairies? Yes and no. I’m not particularly New Age. I don’t own any crystals or broomstick skirts. I don’t have posters of fairies on my wall, though I love Pre-Raphaelite art.

John William Waterhouse, The Soul of the Rose

For me, faeries represent beauty. They represent the ephemeral. They represent a longing and a yearning for something other than our reality. Thus, Yearning for Wonderland – my effort to find the beauty in the everyday.

When Angie asked me to write a guest post, I was honored and perplexed. She wanted me to share when and where the fairies became a big part of my life.

I was stumped. Well, I’ve always loved them. They’ve always talked to me.

Fairies whisper me stories in the darkest hour of the night, so I have to fumble and scribble on a notepad in the dark. They sing me lyrics in the shower. They skate through the ice on the windowpane to create impossibly intricate flowers. They tremble in a dewdrop on the first honeysuckle bloom of spring.

Fairies are the muse. They are the personification of beauty.

When people meet me, I’m certain it’s hard to reconcile the tall, sarcastic redhead with the whimsical Fairy Queen of Twitter and my blog.

But look close, there she is. She might be as elusive as the fairies, but she still believes in the power of beauty to change the world.






14 responses to “Guest Post: Anna Meade”

  1. Anna Meade (@ruanna3) Avatar

    Oh Angie, thank you for featuring me! I am honored, as always, to be your fellow writer and your friend.

    1. ajjrichmond Avatar

      The feeling is mutual, Anna!

  2. Angela (ang writes) Avatar

    I love this post. And I *heart* your heart, Anna. You make it possible to believe faeries are real. That’s a special kind of magic only few possess.

    GREAT guest post, Angie! *hugs all around*

    1. ajjrichmond Avatar

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Anna is magical all over 🙂

  3. Ruth Long (@bullishink) Avatar

    Oh, Angie, this is terrific!! Thank you for holding the Fairy Queen still long enough to get her thoughts on paper!!

    Anna, reading this only strengthens my resolve to defend your throne for you and your fairies have surely enchanted my writer’s soul with beauty and magic. Long may you reign, my sarcastic redheaded Fairy Queen!

    1. ajjrichmond Avatar

      I second that motion! Thanks for stopping by Ruth 🙂

  4. Lillie McFerrin Avatar

    I have always loved fairies, but since having the honor of finding your blog and getting to know you I have a new appreciation for them. Awesome post!!!!!

    1. ajjrichmond Avatar

      Isn’t Anna fabulous? Thanks for the comment Lillie 🙂

  5. lisashambrook Avatar

    I love how they are your muse…mine are dragons (though they’re a little bigger and certainly more clumsy!), but anything that epitomises beauty and creativity are to be admired. Love live the fairies and the Fairy Queen!

  6. Andrea Teagan (@andrea_writing) Avatar

    As a friend of the faeries, I was very excited to find this post! Very lovely. I have never thought of them as a muse before. Thank you so much!

    New follower here 🙂


  7. Emmie Mears Avatar

    Lovely, Anna! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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  9. […] word this week is in honor of the lovely Anna Meade. Check out Anna’s recent guest post on Angie’s blog for more insight into her beautiful world of […]

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