Summer Solstice: Getting Back to Nature


I’m an Earth Sign – Taurus specifically – and I suppose I never realized how important nature is to me until just recently.

I’ve been heavily submerged in the online world for some time now. I’m part of a multitude of online social media including forums & writing groups, Pinterest, Goodreads, Triberr, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Klout and Etsy. I tweet, I blog and I try to keep up with all the other blogs I follow. I try to give kudos and credit, try to comment and retweet and promote and support others as often as I possibly can. And I love it, really I do, but there’s just one problem. I’ve lost touch with nature and subsequently myself.

Last weekend I vowed to spend more time in the real world, you know, the one we venture into for periods of time – usually to make money – before scuttling back home (or wherever) to log in to the various sites we just CAN’T live without. Yeah…that place.

I was outside in my garden pulling weeds and enjoying the warmth of the sun when I realized that this is what I’m missing in my busy life – NATURE.

I’ve been so focused on my creative pursuits and online presence that I neglected the world around me. Not great for an Earth Element.

I have been on a journey for about eight years. Five of those years I floated along the path unconscious that I was even taking it. It’s only been in the last three years that I have come to realize that something bigger than myself is driving me forward, encouraging me into a world of discovery. In the last six months this journey has become more spirited, more driven and more focused. It’s about infusing creativity into every aspect of my life. Striving to follow my heart and accepting that I am worth all those suppressed ambitions I hold deep inside.

To follow my dreams.

And I am. I have taken steps towards fulfilling all those dreams. I am focused and dedicated and driven by both passion and fear.

Fear? Yes, fear. Fear that if I do not follow my passions I will remain stagnant in a life that doesn’t fit right anymore.

But as fear pushed me harder, I lost sight of balance. It’s here in this state of fear induced chaos I lost touch with nature and to a lesser extent – reality.

So it’s with mixed emotions that I have decided to take a much needed break from blogging – just for awhile. I need to reconnect with nature, unplug from the Matrix, if you will. 🙂

I’ll be back – I promise – with a renewed sense of purpose and a much happier heart.

Happy Summer Solstice! Now go out and give nature a hug 🙂

8 thoughts on “Summer Solstice: Getting Back to Nature

  1. I think the key word in life is balance. I love this post because you realize so much at once. I really hope that you can find a balance in your life where you can share nature and the online world together. We miss you already.

  2. Beautiful post and inspiring Angie! We do tend to get caught up in a virtual world and neglect nature (and ourselves), I think I need to alter the balance too, so may join you in the garden!

  3. Ahhh, I miss you already, but I hear your words ring through like a bell, Anugie. I was digging in the dirt myself recently and really feeling fulfilled.

    I’m not even an earth sign, I don’t think. What the heck is Libra? <— aware of the hilariousness of being the balance of the zodiac 😉

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