Do You 22?

22 Things, that is!

artwork by Benji Todd

It’s been some time since I last wrote about 22 Things – a Creative Change Challenge that I started WAY back in March of this year. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept behind 22 Things or would like to read that very first post (list included), I invite you to check it out HERE.

22 Things is about announcing to the world – and more importantly yourself – that you are breaking free of the conventional idea that in order to make changes in your life, you have to do BIG things. It’s about making a list of twenty-two small steps you can take RIGHT NOW to change your life.

Sounds easy, right? It is!

But maybe some of you are saying…

But Angie, I can’t think of 22 things. That’s just WAY too many!

Okay, no problem. Break it down, start smaller (I’m all about that small things here). List as many items as you can. Build on them, reevaluate and once you’ve stroked off a few items (and I guarantee you will) add more! Life is ever changing and your lists should reflect that.

Making this list really changed the way I look at life. Before 22 Things, change was daunting and unmanageable; I gave up before I started. So in the spirit of 22 Things, I present to you… Angie’s List of 22 Things.

  1. Continue to post blogs every second day
    about topics that are meaningful to me
  2. Research information on becoming an entrepreneur
  3. Participate in Five Sentence Fiction each week
  4. Commit to making at least two pieces of art each week
  5. Continue editing my novel Woven
  6. Read and comment on other people’s blogs more often
  7. Work on my patience
  8. Meditate
  9. Seek out individuals interested in working with me as a coach
  10. Learn how to say no to things that aren’t meaningful in my life
  11. Make time to relax
  12. Ride my bike more
  13. Read more
  14. Help others further their creative careers any way I can
  15. Stare fear in the eye and move forward
  16. Continue to hold positive intentions in my mind
  17. Send of my submission for an art exhibit
    that closes August 15
  18. Enjoy the time of have with friends and family
  19. Journal what I am thankful for
  20. Have fun!

Now it’s your turn! Join me in this creative change challenge by blogging about your 22 Things. You can link your post below to share with other fabulous people who are on a journey JUST LIKE YOU!


4 thoughts on “Do You 22?

  1. I like the list, and agree with just about all of it–hehe. I especially like your positive language: You state what you WILL do, rather than what you won’t; a tactic I have found incredibly helpful for reinforcing postive changes and mind states. I shared!! 🙂

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