Five Sentence Fiction – Perseverance

How many people had to persevere in order to build that?! Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The tension knot that first appeared in her lower back, had worked its way to her shoulders and neck causing her to slouch and invoke an image of a woman much older than herself.

She caught herself releasing heavy sighs for even the most miniscule tasks; a sign thatย  she was taking on far too much.

A ‘to do’ list lay next to her highlighting her life in point form and stretching out into eternity; a daunting mix of important, urgent and useless tasks that triggered an entire series of wide ranging emotions.

The weight of her responsibilities was tangible and when the tears finally came, she had little resources and energy left to stop them from spilling over the brim of her eyelids and streaking her pink cheeks.

I believe in you, a familiar voice whispered in her ear halting the tears and reminding her that greatness was born from perseverance.

For more information on Five Sentence Fiction, visit Lillie McFerrin’s blog.

15 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Perseverance

  1. I hate days like that. But I think this is a great choice as a scene for the prompt word, because what else can you do in times like that than persevere?

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