Five Sentence Fiction – Distance

Look! Another Scotland picture!

The mist seemed to dissipate as she drew nearer the loch revealing the weathered castle in the distance, just as she remembered it.

The ride had been fraught with illness leaving her exhausted; an oath sworn – still wet on her lips – that she would never undertake such an arduous journey anew.

Beneath her Firelight flexed his muscles and pushed himself harder, anxious to be free of both rider and the saddle he so fiercely despised.

“I know my friend, it has been no great deal of fun for me either, but I promise you shall have all the oats you wish, when we reach Cian.” The horse nickered, satisfied by his master’s words.

Eudora was home, but what awaited her would soon make her wish the journey had been much longer.

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8 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Distance

  1. Draws me right in…wondering what brought them to this point and what lies in store… Like Jo said, great line about the oath!

    1. Thanks Lisa. She’s actually my main character from my fantasy novel. I think what I wrote will be part of book 3. Of course I haven’t finished 1 or 2….I’m in the midst of writing both lol

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