Visual Dare 18: Minimal

This is my very first attempt at the slendiferious Angela Goff’s Visual Dare flash fiction. Check out her blog, Anonymous Legacy for more details. I’m incredibly excited to particpate, can you tell?! Here we go!

The room was sparse and bleak, yet to Kella it was home. She’d spent the better part of her life drifting from one abandoned flat to the next, collecting battered bits of furniture and discarded moldy sheets that she lugged around as though they were the finest treasures one could own. This flat had a beautiful view just beyond the tiny windows – and a serious case of termites – but both suited her. Each morning she awoke tossing back the covers and leaping from bed, thankful she was alive. It wasn’t a charmed life, but it was the best she could do.

 Note: The piece is supposed to be 100 words…and if you are a keener and counted, you’d find that I exceeded that limit by one. I’m sure Ms. Anonymous Legacy won’t mind 🙂

6 thoughts on “Visual Dare 18: Minimal

  1. Miss Anonymous Legacy doesn’t mind one whit! I love this piece – it seems to me to be at the heart of other things I’ve seen you write – characters in flawed surroundings, who yet have that thread of hope weaving throughout, regardless. A reminder that one doesn’t need much in the way of externals if they’re going to LIVE.

    And can I just say it?/ I am SO EXCITED that you finally joined in the Visual Dare! HUZZAH!

  2. A great story.
    I loved the image you created of Kella who was equally happy in a flat with a beautiful view and termite lodgers.
    Despite her surroundings here was a character who was happy to be alive – something we should all celebrate.
    Thanks for an enjoyable read.

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