Five Sentence Fiction – Night

Lillie McFerrin

Across the night, was the moon that stole my slumber…across the night, I fell in love with people sleeping…Silverchair sang sweetly into the darkness as Puck folded his arms above and behind his head and wiggled himself into the slump of the mattress below.

Around him the lyrics bounced off the empty walls of his room, his thoughts drifting to Lilith and the soft skin at the nape of her neck where his lips grazed before their forlorn departure.

It was a bitter sweet taste left in his mouth as she trailed her fingers across his chest whispering I love you until their touch broke and she drifted off into the nothingness.

Puck always knew his time with Lilith was fleeting; even now her image turned hazy in his mind’s eye leaving behind a path of worried thoughts that perhaps she was never really there.

Across the night, across the night, across the night…..I don’t wanna be lonely, I just wanna be alone.

For more Five Sentence Fiction, visit Lillie McFerrin’s blog.

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