The End is Near – Are You Ready?

Dear readers,
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the end is near! It won’t be floods, fires or the Earth imploding. No, it’s a Zombie Apocalypse. Are you ready?
If you’re anything like me…you aren’t prepared. If you are ready {SNARK ALERT} well la dee da for you!  
My muscles are weak and flabby from years of sitting at a desk job. The only fighting skills I’ve learned over the years involve using a controller and a sequence of button tapping. I can find water…wait you mean not from the tap?! Oh and edible plants? Well I think I can identify poison ivy…maybe.
Good grief.
So I’ve joined the army. No, not THE army…the ZAP! Army.
Zombie Apocalypse Preparation or ZAP, is led by the wonderful (and super kick-ass zombie killer) Emmie Mears. Emmie’s goal is to whip herself into shape so when the Zombies rise from the undead, she’ll be ready. Along the way she has inspired others, like myself, to join in. Just search the hashtags #TeamZAP & #ZAP on Twitter, you’ll see!
ZAP is about preparation. Toning your body by doing exercise disguised as survival preparation. Gaining knowledge of how to survive in the wild by finding food and water. Learning new skills like archery, hand to hand combat and as Napoleon Dynamite would say “numchuck skills”.
Basically it’s a way to get everyone off the damn couch and get fit, but for a totally legitimate reason…the Zombie Apocalypse.
It could happen!
For more information, visit Emmie’s Blog
 Don’t end up as Zombie fodder! Join ZAP! today 🙂

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