Between the Lines

OMG! I was right THERE!

Today I’m feeling all giddy inside; a by-product from the amazing show put on by Stone Temple Pilots last night in town. My ears are still ringing, my arms are sore from leaning against the stage and my calves are burning from dancing on my tippy-toes for 3 hours. But every pain I’m nursing today was well worth it to get up close and personal with the band. Yes, I am a Rocker Chic.

Anyway, today’s post is not just about my awesome night (though I swear I could go on and on about it for hours. Did I mention I touched Scott Weiland? Okay…sorry…I’ll focus.)

I thought I’d actually post some of my WIP. I’m smack in the middle of editing it and I’ve found a renewed sense of excitement. So gentle readers…I give you an excerpt from my work in progress, Woven.

Warning: The following scene may contain graphic detail & violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

The mess was astounding, though not surprising. What remained of Walter’s head hit the floor in a wet thump. A gasp escaped Franny’s lips as the air swooshed out of her chest when Walter’s body fell into hers. I watched them for what felt like ages. Unable to take my eyes from the horrific scene. The rain outside suited the terrible events inside as though the heavens were crying at the loss. When they were discovered a few days later the police were somber. I watched as they tried to look everywhere but at the poor dead souls. I watched as a rookie cop ran from the room and vomited in the hall. The senior officer going outl to pat him on the back. I heard them speak of the tragedy. Of how the War had made our men go mad. How in all their years they hadn’t witnessed something so gruesome. And I wept. I wept for their souls

6 thoughts on “Between the Lines

  1. I think I might join that rookie cop in the hall-vomiting. Oicks. I think that’s a testament to how well you’ve written this seen! That second line is killer–the “wet thump” almost did me in.

    Great job, Ms. Angie.

  2. Yikes, dear Angie! You’ve made a horrific scene very realistic. It’s an interesting connection to take the thumping rock and roll energy to a painful place. Always the creative one, you :)) Well done!

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