Tales from a Wanna-Be Warrior

As you may remember, a few short weeks ago I signed up for the #ZAP army. Since then it’s been all escaping the undead. Between fight and flight, I’ve been working on saving my own hide. I purchased the Zombies, Run! app on my iPhone and have taken to running on my treadmill. My first encounter with Zombie mobs revealed I still have some work to do. (Evaded 1 mob and caught by 2…eeeeep) But it’s got me running which is a HUGE feat, so I’m not too upset.

Lately my attention has been slipping from flight to fight. My good friend Julie suggested (or more like strongly encouraged) that I try my hand at archery. I’m not gonna lie, learning archery has been a secret fantasy of mine since my early encounters with Lord of The Rings, Robin Hood and more recently The Hunger Games.

I’m not sure what’s been holding me back from trying it….okay perhaps it might have something to do with the fear of either being horrifically crap at it or shooting myself (which seems unlikely) or others (which seems much more likely).

In all fairness, I technically am not a newbie to archery. I tried using a bow & arrow in the distant past. I recall a fuzzy image of myself grasping a red bow in the school gymnasium circa 1994 (or at least that’s my best guess of the date, DUDE I’m getting too old to remember those kinda details!)

I have a sense that I enjoyed it, that it most likely hurt my arms and that one of my friends managed to somehow get a feather stuck in her finger causing it to swell up and become horribly infected. Let’s put that last image from our mind, shall we?

In any case I’ve decided to push aside that fear and give it a go. After all, what kind of Zombie Warrior would I be if I can’t defend myself right?

Stay tuned for updates on my adventures in archery! DUN DUN DUN!

12 thoughts on “Tales from a Wanna-Be Warrior

  1. I told you about my first archery lesson, right? Or at least showed a picture of the bruise?

    My first tip: whichever hand is your bow hand, turn your elbow out. It sounds awkward (and feels that way too), but it’ll save you the pain of feeling the bowstring snap against the soft skin of your inner arm.

    Although, alternately, my bruise was the most badass one I’d ever had.

  2. Ah, archery. I too have distant memories from jr college archery say circa 1990. I probably shouldn’t mention the terrible forearm bruising but they make guards for that. You may want to add padding. Be careful and hit some bullseyes!

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