The Wanna-Be Warrior Part Deux

Well folks, I am pleased to announce that my trip to ye ol’ archery shoppe was a HUGE success! Not only did I manage to NOT shoot myself, I didn’t shoot anyone else either! VICTORY IS MINE.

And now I will share with you the tale of the Wanna-be Warrior and her Bow.

It was a dark and windy night. The Wanna-Be Warrior headed out into the great wild in search of a brave archer to teach her how to use a bow. Her search was thankfully short as she found a quaint township called Heartland where the bows and arrows flow like wine…errr yeah.

Upon her arrival, she was tested by the fearless archers of Heartland to determine her dominant eye. A dominant eye – not arm – determines which way one shoots. With this new bit of knowledge, she began following instructions to test her eyes which included pointing, squinting and hand scoping. After several tests it became quite evident that this task was not as simple as it seemed. Images of herself as a young child flooded her memory as others debated which way she held a bat in baseball.

She bats right! No, no try your left hand. Wait I think she’s right handed.

After much discussion it was agreed to let her decide. She selected her right eye to be labelled as dominant and was given a bow to suit her every needs.

As she walked through the gates to the shooting range, fear gripped her, grabbing hold of her stomach and twisting it into knots. She watched anxiously as Sir Archer of Heartland gave her a brief demonstration on how to hold her bow. He advised when she was allowed to shoot thereby reducing the chances of impaling others. He also instructed how to avoid the often inevitable arm bruising; a valuable lesson indeed!

Oops, did I do that?

Her first attempt was less than successful. Her nerves broke at the last minute causing her to avert her eyes and sending the arrow careening past her target and striking the wall in the most awkward fashion.

But she learned from that mistake.

Soon she was able to hit the mark, though with very little accuracy. What she lacked in aim she made up for in consistency; repeatedly striking the same area, though not the actual target.

But progression soon became her middle named and she found that 75% of the time her arrow landed straight and true.

Hitting that target like a pro!

When her arms became shaky and heavy she decided to call it a night. She thanked the Sirs of Heartland for their wonderful instruction, confessed that she was walking away unscathed and promised to return.

And so ends the tale of the Wanna-Be Warrior and her Bow.

The moral of the story?

Archery ROCKS!


My partner’s in crime 🙂

The Archer Gals

10 thoughts on “The Wanna-Be Warrior Part Deux

  1. Love your description of the lesson! I have a dominant right eye, but my son has no dominant eye and can shoot from either side, but he’s just weird, or at least that’s what we tell him, actually that’s what the instructor told him too!

  2. Archery? You crazy Winnipegers! Actually it does sound like a great challenge and a lot of fun…though requiring far too much coordination for me. But I appreciate that when the revolution comes (huh?) that you will protect me with those newly acquired skills! My only concern was that, at least in my first viewing, in the photo it looked like you were shooting towards the front door of the archery place. Now that would be a shock to a new customer, wouldn’t it?!

    Love that you are trying new things, Ms. Creative! Hugs!!

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