Working Like a Fiend!

Good day m’dear lovely readers!

Yes it has been much too long since we’ve last spoken. Alas, I have been up to my eyeballs in work – good work (mostly) – but work. It’s kept me away from my little blog and it’s made me rather sad *wipes dramatic tear from cheek*

I’m on the homestretch now for school. Just 4 classes left!! 🙂 In some ways it feels as though I’ve been plugging away at this course for decades. In others it feels like I just started. In general though my summer flew by and September seemed to follow suit. October – WOW! October brings many wondrous things, such as:

  • The end of my course! *happy dance*
  • Thanksgiving – Yeah being Canadian means I get to eat turkey in October…jealous? I think so!
  • Halloween – The most wonderful time of the year…or is that Christmas? Whateves!
  • My new career in coaching!! This is most exciting because it’s FINALLY something that I get to do that makes me happy (other than writing & art of course)
  • NaNoWriMo plotting – Muhahahaa…sorry it just seemed appropriate to laugh manically whilst tapping my fingers together in plotting style glee. You heard!

So there you have it folks, I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten any of you – not for a New York minute. Wow I’m full of cornball sayings today.

12 thoughts on “Working Like a Fiend!

  1. Hey you, I think we’ve let you off easy …well, somewhat…by not asking about your courses: what are they, what are you learning, how are you doing, who have you met? I’m assuming you will tell us more when it is behind you and when you can breath a bit. Can’t wait to read more. Such an exciting time, Angie – you are amazing!!! Huge hugs! Jot

    1. Thanks Miss Jot!
      The course is The Art & Science of Coaching and I’ve been taking the online intensive course (10 hrs/week) since June. On top of working 40hrs/week, 2hr/week practice, writing, editing and art.
      But all this will change in a few weeks and I will switch from school to starting my business and focusing on getting clients that are interested in working with a coach to help them discover their life purpose, creativity and career transition options Most exciting!

  2. Turkey in October.. I’m on my way! Course and new career sounds great. Impressed that you’re planning for nano, I’m still at the ‘which out of these 20 storylines will work?’ Exciting times!

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