#ZAP goodness from her majesty Battle Chieftain Emmie!

This week hasn’t seen me at my best.

My husband and I recently finished watching Dollhouse. One of the lines the actives (dolls) say often throughout the show is this: “I try to be my best.”

And they do. The actives work out, eat well, do yoga, paint pictures, build tiny trees, and meditate. Of course, they’re effectively lobotomised, but for the capacity they have, they try to be their best.

With October here and the Run For Your Lives a mere three and a half weeks away, I’m wondering if I’ve been my best — or even if I’m trying to be my best. During times of stress and difficulty, how do we keep training for the coming zombies?

It’s not an uncommon problem. People often try and make a lifestyle change for spurts, and in between revert to habit. Habit, that nasty bloodsucking bunny from hell.

Before you…

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