Life Changing Moments

We all have them right? Something happens, the wind shifts and the next thing we know our lives change. Sometimes it’s for the good, other times…well not so much.

I had coffee with a good friend of mine tonight and we spent most of our conversation catching up. Slowly we slipped into a discussion about life changes. It got me thinking. Where have my life changing moments come from? Many were born from experience. I can say with all honesty that in my thirty-three years I have encountered more life changing moments than some people experience in an entire life span. Okay, I can’t claim to have done it all, but on those tests psychologists make you take to determine how much stress you’ve encountered resulting from major life events…let’s just say I score HIGH. It’s been rough, yet rewarding.

But it’s not just those major events that have produce self-awareness and change. In fact some of the biggest internal changes occurred while my nose was buried deep within a book. It’s these books I want to share with you. These books that – in the immortal words of C + C Music Factory – make you go hmmm.  This list is nowhere near exhaustive and does not include the many fiction novels that have inspired me.

Drum roll please…..

There you have it folks. A glimpse into the inner workings of Moi. 😉

Note to Reader: I completely realize how strange it is that I incorporated a ridiculous song like Things That Make You Go Hmmm in an otherwise serious post. Such is my brain.

4 thoughts on “Life Changing Moments

  1. Life brings many changes, marriage, having children, widowhood all have had an impact on me. There are also people who have inspired me.Daniel O Donnell the Irish singer. Also someone many of you may know through blogging. I visited LA this year and there I met Arlee Bird.He is truly an inspiration , also a great person who took me and my brother around LA.a wonderful memory.

    1. Music is also extremely important to me. Perhaps I’ll have to list songs that have evoked life changing moments too. Thanks for stopping by to comment and share with us!

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