Sanity is Optional

How do you do it?

Any idea how many times I get asked this? LOTS. Just the other day my wonderful friend Dan and I were engaged in a lovely discussion about how our writing was coming along. After a string of tweets I summed it up by saying that I was in the midst of writing five different novels, in which Dan tweeted….

To which I replied…

Then I got thinking about how distorted my idea of normal is. Most people work a full-time or part-time job and perhaps have a hobby…maybe two.

NOTE: I am not most people.

I work full-time, I’m starting my own coaching business, I’m writing five novels (all at various stages), I create and sell my art, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, I manage to maintain some form of social/marital life, I’m hooked on several social media sites, I’m enrolled in a six week business workshop, I network, I read and (when I have time) I eat, sleep and partake in all those other pesky human habits.

Like really, when are they going to come out with a machine that you step into and it refills all your levels? You know, like on The Sims game? I’d buy that!

It’s a long list and I could probably add more if I really took a moment to think about it, which I’m too tired to do. So back to Dan’s question, how do I stay sane?

My playful answer was that I don’t, but considering no one has come to lock me up (yet) I can safely assume I am maintaining at least a bare level of sanity. Yay me! Another year without the padded walls and straight jackets. 😉

And now dear readers I give you ….

Angie’s Top Five Ways to Stay Sane.

Results may vary 😉

  1. Music. Simple right? Who doesn’t love to sit back, close your eyes and crank up some Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Killswitch Engage or equivalent fast-paced rock music! Am I alone here? I also have days when only Mozart will do. See, I’m diverse!
  2. Journaling. Kinda like writing but with a self centered purpose. Writing in my journal helps me sort out ideas, work through issues or provides me a safe place to vent. Some times the pages get a bit tear-stained, I’m not gonna lie.
  3. YouTube. Bet you didn’t see that coming! Many a night I find myself drawn to my wonderful husband’s side to share a laugh on YouTube. Favourites include Who’s Line is it Anyway?, Impractical Jokers or bloopers from How I Met Your Mother.
  4. Kitchen Dancing (& singing). This may seem to point to insanity but I assure you, dancing around in my kitchen makes me happy and a happy Angie is a sane Angie.
  5. Good friends (and family). When the stress is stacking up and I feel like I might go mental (which has been fairly frequent these days), a quick chat with my equally insane..errrr…I mean equally SANE friends is a sure fire way to boost my spirits. The conversations usually follow this general script…

Me: I’m stressed!!

Friend: Well yeah! Look how much you’re taking on!

Me: It’s not so much. Besides I like to be busy!

Friend: Yes but you do realize how much you’re actually doing right?

Me: Whadda y’mean?

Friend: *blank stare* or *dead silence*

Then they proceed to tell me everything that I am doing because by that point I’ve become so unaware of myself that I’m detached. After hearing everything that I am ACTUALLY doing, my reaction is something like…

Me: Oh yeah. That’s crazy!

Somehow that cycle makes me realize just how insane it is for me to wonder why I’m stressed/tired. Strange enough, it usually restores my sanity.

Make sense? Didn’t think so 😉

12 thoughts on “Sanity is Optional

  1. Love it!! I get this same question all the time!! And I cannot stand being bored, so I keep myself busy. Amazingly, your five answers are the same as mine, with the exception of #4, which I’d trade out for ‘play with my grandchildren.’ Excellent post!! 😀

  2. I’m with you both on this, and also hear this question a lot myself. Angie, I agree with all your choices, though my music is only blared in the car with lots of loud Ethel Merman-style singing along and I’m not much a of youtube gal. (However, I’ll trade in Vampire Diaries for your youtube.) Really, why have one full plate when you can have four? 🙂 Great post, Angie!

  3. Great post. I’m another one who can’t stand being bored. I think people that can sit in a chair and do nothing for three hours and have to be entertained by others constantly are the crazy ones. I love Community and Big Gang Theory outtakes on YouTube. Those are my go-to for lifting spirits. 🙂 Rock on!

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