MBlog2012 – I Was THERE!

That’s right folks, last weekend I braved the cold and snow to attended Manitoba’s first blogging conference – MBlog2012.  Sure the weather outside was frightful (and that’s putting it mildly) but inside I was rubbing elbows with some amazing LOCAL creatives. How awesome is that, right?

The conference kicked off on Friday with a networking event at Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe.  There I met some wonderful women and men, each with their own creative story to tell. I swear when the evening ended I wasn’t ready to go home!

Saturday we started the day at 8:15 am at the University of Winnipeg with a yummy breakfast followed by a keynote speech given by Catherine Connors – better known as Her Bad Mother. Catherine in a Canadian born blogger, living in New York. She is currently the Editor in Chief of Babble.com and was one of TIME magazine’s Top 25 Blogs of 2012. So yeah, she knows her blogging stuff 😉

Catherine started out by referring to her blogging tale as falling down the rabbit hole. She discussed how her blog became her career and how important it was (and continues to be) for her to be authentic in her writing – something that I can completely relate to. She’s really an amazing woman and I’m SO happy I had the chance to hear her speak. At the end of the day I ran up to her to thank her for inspiring me.

You can imagine just how pumped up I was after that speech, well double it because after Catherine finished there were other fabulous speakers taking the floor and sharing their experiences. Topics included: photography, monetizing, SEO, design, blogging for small business, promoting and more! The best part was that I’m already doing some of these things. SCORE!

When lunch was served – which was SO delicious – I couldn’t believe how fast the time was slipping by, how many ideas were floating through my mind and how many more awesome people I connected with – Artists, Graphic Designers, Bloggers, Writers, Soon-To-Be Bloggers, Teachers, Social Media Gurus, Fashionistas, Foodies, Photographers and so on – seriously the list was endless.

As the day drew to a close I realized just how blessed I was to attend this event. Sure I could have spent the day working on one of my many projects, but to meet fellow creatives in my community – I can’t even begin to express what that means to me.

So this is my chance to say thank you to New Media Manitoba and Women’s Enterprise Centre for hosting this event. Thank you to all the kick ass people I met who shared their stories with me – and listened to mine!

If you want to connect with some really cool Winnipeg people – check out #NMMBlog on Twitter. I guarantee you’ll not be disappointed!

Special thanks to Kal, Natalie, Angie, Faye, Wendy, Kathy and so many more for all your great conversations!

4 thoughts on “MBlog2012 – I Was THERE!

  1. This conference sounds wonderful! What a fantastic experience to meet a community of bloggers in your area. I love the idea of writers, artists, fashionistas, foodies, etc all together in one event. 🙂

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