A Struggle of the Internal Nature

I did it.

I broke down and bought a Kindle.

Not that Kindles are evil. It’s just that the thought of not holding on to a book while I read usually sends me into this internal struggle. Old verses New. History verses Progress. Paper verses….well whatever is used to make up a Kindle.

But after several talks – and we’re talking the crazy-talk-to-yourself kind – I finally took the leap and ordered it.

Sporting a fab decal too!
Sporting a fab decal too!

It’s pretty, I’m not gonna lie.

So here was my thought process when purchasing a Kindle. I realize that no one is asking for me to justify myself but for some reason I feel the need.

  1. To support my friends. I know a LOT of wonderful writers that have self-published on Amazon. And while I could buy their books and read them using my computer or iPhone, it just didn’t seem like the best option. Kindle 1 Books 0
  2. Space. Books take up space, they just do. My obsessive need to horde all the books I’ve ever read doesn’t help. BUT I do like the look of full bookshelves. Hmmm perhaps that’s a tie. Kindle 2 Books 1
  3. Portability. Who likes carrying a big, bulky hardcover novel? Not this girl. Kindle 3 Books 1
  4. Smell. Mmmm paper. ‘Nough said. Kindle 3 Books 2
  5. Lending. Can’t really lend out my eBooks. I mean I probably could but it just feels wrong sharing self-published books where the authors could use every bit of support in sales. Kindle 3 Books 3
  6. Environmentally Friendly. Yes it saves trees not to print a book but what damage is caused by all these electronic devices? Okay let’s call that a wash. Kindle 4 Books 4
  7. To support my friends. Yes I realized I said that twice but ultimately it was the deciding factor. Kindle 5 Books 4

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to purchase books. I just can’t give up books cold turkey. Perhaps one day in the future, when cars “drive” in the sky and the hoverboard becomes a household item (I’m still waiting for the Back To The Future 2 reality to kick in.) and books are a thing of the past, then I’ll switch over completely. Until then, I’ll use both. 😉

8 thoughts on “A Struggle of the Internal Nature

  1. I keep struggling with the same question too!! But I just cannot seem to give up books for a kindle… The smell, the feel, the sound… Its a lot to give up!! 😦
    But kudos for finally making the move… I know I have to do it soon too!!

  2. How many books do I read at a time, do I need at my fingertips? Purely monogamous reader me.. I’d like to enlarge the typeface though as I’m getting farther and farther away from the page. Yes, I agree, stronger glasses would be an easier option. I keep saying, once I’ve read all these paperbacks at home.. then I find more to entice me to buy. Having done my equivalent thought process, I have come to the same conclusion as you. I want to read and support the books of my writer friends who are mainly e-published. Better start saving..

  3. I bought the very first version of Kindle (back when it was soooo much more expensive) and my dog broke it about 9 months ago.

    I tried to live without it. I went to the bookstore but it wasn’t the same anymore. I practically got carpal tunnel holding those big books with one hand.

    Broke down and bought the Kindle Fire and I’m so glad I did. You will love your Kindle. congrats.

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