People Like You!

Have I mentioned I have the best friends ever?

Well I do!

Yes You Are!
Yes You Are!

And I’m not just talking of those people I see in person, face to face. I’m talking all my online friends that are spread out across the world. These are folks that despite having never clamped eyes on me for realz, they continue to offer undying support in all aspects of my life and creative journey.

All my friends offer their shoulders to cry on. They lend an ear when I need to vent. They cheer me on when my confidence is shaky and more importantly, they’re always there with party hats and, in some cases, fairy dust to celebrate all my successes!

There are really no words that can express just how much each of you means to me. I’m not an overly emotional person, but if I was I’d be blubbering on right now for sure. Your thoughtfulness has touched my heart more than once and blown my mind in the process. So this is a post for you! My heart-felt thank you to all of you wonderful, wonderful people.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am truly blessed with such amazing friends!

NOTE: While I would love to list all the names of the people who mean the world to me, for fear of forgetting a name I’ve decided to omit the list. It’s my hope that those who mean the most to me, know who they are. 🙂






3 responses to “People Like You!”

  1. Bullish Avatar

    Bushels of bottomless hugs to you, my fellow NoInkling! 😉

  2. Lisa Shambrook Avatar

    I’m forever amazed at online support and friends, they rock! 🙂

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