Quick! Get Everything Done, NOW!

That’s been my mantra for…oh I don’t know…. pretty much the last 10 years or so.

I’ve fallen into the North American attitude trap that unless you’re doing 10 things at once, you’re lazy. We really need to take a page from some of our European friends and learn how to SLOW DOWN.

I think I need to buy this book!

I’ve known for awhile that I split my attention in too many directions. It’s taken a burn out and my current unmotivated state to force me to reevaluate my game plan. So far I’ve learned that trying to get EVERYTHING done, leads me to get NOTHING done.

Not good.

Today while checking my emails I came across a blog post by James Clear called Lessons From a San Francisco Sunrise: The Magic of Committing to a Specific Goal.

James’s post reminded me that committing to a specific goal, one goal at a time, leads to accomplishing something you can truly be proud of. If I focus on a specific task, then I’m not doing it half-assed and I want to give my best (errr….whole-assed?) to my projects and goals. I’m a psychology grad, so I know that multitasking is a myth. Sure you can seemingly accomplish multiple tasks at once, but when you sit down and look at the quality you have to ask yourself, is it really as good as it could be? Is it great, or just good enough?

Needless to say I have a lot to think about.

For more inspiring ways to better yourself, check out James Clear’s website The Art of Becoming Better.



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