I’m Making a Pledge People!

Every morning after I’m all dressed and ready to face another day of…ugh…work, I make sure to check my emails on my iPhone. And every morning I’m bombarded with anywhere from 10 to 20 emails packed with posts of talented bloggers, updates on various social media sites and other newsletters I follow.

Lately I’ve been finding this overwhelming. I started to find myself deleting EVERYTHING without reading it. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I kept thinking when will I read this all?

GAHHH! This is hilarious!

Of course I realize that the reason I receive all these emails is because I chose to sign up for them. That whomever is sending them to me (I realize they are auto sent but whatever) has something wonderful to say and that I’m INTERESTED. Why else would I have signed up?

So this is my pledge to read my emails before I hit delete – even if it’s only a few a day. It might take me a week (or more), but that’s okay.

I’m giving myself permission to have a full inbox. 😉

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