A Little Bit of Kindness

Last week I made it my mission to spread some kindness.

Inspired by a site I stumbled across called More Love Letters, I decided to write little notes of encouragement on colorful paper.

kindness notes

Then I folded them up, stuffed them in my pockets and set out to leave them for people to find.

Open Me Notes

I tucked some into books at the library. I left some on window ledges and at the coffee shop.  One ended up on the counter in a washroom. Two went on a stack of newspapers and I even stuffed one into a mailbox.

At first I was nervous about leaving them. It felt awkward. Like I was committing some kind of crime. Silly right? I kept looking over my shoulder, worried that I’d be caught in the act of spreading kindness. But at the end of the day (or rather at the end of the couple days) I was so happy I got past the awkwardness and did it.

I have no idea how many were found or the impact they made, but I like to think that it brought a smile to the finders face. 🙂

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