Moving Past 9 to 5

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time now.

I grew up with the belief that when you graduated from school you went out and snagged yourself a “good job”. Once you secured said “good job” you bloody well held onto it for dear life and stayed till retirement!

End. Of. Story.

<Insert gagging noises here>

The definition of a “good job” was one that paid decently – not great – but decent. It came with health benefits, a pension and – of course – regular 9 to 5 hours. (7:30 to 3:30 in my case)

For a time I thought I could do this. Get up, go to work, come home and then enjoy what was left of my day. You didn’t have to like your job – no one did – at least that’s what I was told.

And I thought I could make this enough. Well actually, I didn’t think I had much of a choice. Whether I liked it or not (and I sure as a hell didn’t) it was my only option.

Or so I thought.

Oh look, a fork in the road! Which path will you take?
Oh look, a fork in the road! Which path will you take?

It’s taken me hitting my 30s to realize that I don’t have to accept this as truth. In fact there’s no one here forcing me at gun point – or similar hostile weapon –  to live this stuffy 9 to 5 life. No one except the outdated running loop of babble in my mind. An idea that sprung from an entirely different generation.

Now I’m not dogging on corporate Canada/America and their various office jobs. Good on you if you enjoy your work. Even better if you watch the movie Office Space and think,

What the devil are they going on about? 

More power to you. I’m not here saying that everyone should rise up and flee their 9 to 5 jobs. Heck NO! I’m just saying it’s not for me. Not anymore. It’s time I make a change. A BIG ONE.

I’ve dubbed 2013 the year of self-imposed change and the biggest change is a career switch. It’s high time I start focusing on what’s most important to me: Career Coaching, Writing/Blogging and Art.

So I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey as I make the transition into a career I’m passionate about!

Are You Dreaming of a Career Transition?

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6 thoughts on “Moving Past 9 to 5

  1. And not for me Angie! When I was at age 32 I too knew that the stuffy, gagging 9-5 wasn’t for me either! I made the BIG CHANGE 6+ years ago, and I couldn’t be happier! Don’t get me wrong… I’m working harder and longer hours than I ever had in my life to make my home-based self employment work… but on MY TERMS and my families’ schedule! It’s hard working, fulfilling, challenging, rewarding BLISS! I look forward to following you on your journey, and I wish you MUCH success and happiness! 🙂

  2. I say, go for it! I quit my day job last summer to be a full-time writer. I’ve never been happier. I really truly believe you can succeed at anything you want to do if you work hard enough. Excited for you! 🙂

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