Letting Your Birdie Fly – Writing Update.

So I thought I’d take a moment and update you on my WIP (work in progress). Woven is the title of the novel I wrote waaay back in November 2011. It’s kinda my baby (actually it’s TOTALLY my baby) and up until just recently I was like a protective mama bird not letting my little birdie out of the nest.

In fact I was so completely obsessed with protecting and preening Woven, that I was doing it a major disservice. MAJOR.

I was losing perspective. No scratch that. I LOST perspective. I fell out of love and turned into an overbearing mama. I began critiquing everything. Even the characters I used to love began to seem seriously inadequate.

My lovely friends kept asking to read Woven. I kept putting them off.

It’s not ready. Wait till it’s ready!

But I started to feel as though it would never be ready because I couldn’t figure out which parts were really crap and which parts just seemed to be crap because I had lost perspective.

During one of my weekly coaching sessions (Yes, I’ve hired my own coach because coaches are awesome! 🙂 ) I realized that I actually needed to let my little birdie out of the nest. I had to see how it would fly, so that I’d be able to guide it better. Because really, how can you critique something on its performance when it hasn’t had a chance to shine?

With a stomach full of butterflies (or in this case itty bitty birdies) I emailed two of my friends and asked if they would read my novel.

Of course they were more than willing to read it. I seem to recall responses that included multiple !!!! I did one last quick read through, attached it to an email with a lengthy I-know-it’s-not-perfect message and hit send.

So now my novel is out there. My little birdie left the nest and it trying to fly.

Can’t wait to hear how it did! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Letting Your Birdie Fly – Writing Update.

  1. Wow do I know what you’re talking about. I have a little baby birdie Im smothering too. I started out trying to fix just 2 (count em TWO) slow spots. But I got stuck. I put it down for a few months, then re-read it a month ago and HATED the edits I had done. Now Im starting a rewrite to fix it again. Im so at a loss.

    When I had put it out there before I got good reviews from betas but no bites on queries. (At that time, I was not consider self pubbing.) Now Im good with sending it out in the self published world but the more I learn from this wonderful community of writers I’ve found, the more I think its not ready. And you’re right, Im rethinking characters and plots and all sorts of things that I would never have considered before when i was in love with my story.

    You’ll have to let me know how it goes. BTW I’d love to beta read yours as well.

    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone! This is why it’s so important to step back to gain some perspective. Good luck with your novel and thank you for offering to beta read. I’ll definitely keep that in mind 😉

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