All Things Art

Even though I’ve been steadily working on my art, I realize I haven’t provided an update in some time. I’ve been trying new things and it’s fun and exciting, which is really what art is all about for me.

Recently my husband was clearing through old storage bins and came across a pile of stamps he collected as a child.  He decided he longer had a use for them and because he’s quite clever, he offered them to me to use in my art.


Note: He’s also the supplier of the maps I use for some of my birdies. Keeper? I’d say so!


I’ve been adding them to all my new pieces and I have to say, I’m  just loving the look! They add character in a way that regular store bought paper just doesn’t. Speaking of paper, I’ve started to incorporate more in my work. I love the way mixed bits of scrap paper are tied together through paint and ink.


Of course, my birdies are still a prominent feature.


And now for the really exciting news…..

I’m pleased to announce that I’m carrying iPhone cases that feature an image of my art, in my Etsy Shop. These cases make my heart happy! I just love that I can take a piece of my art with me wherever I go. Because let’s face it, my iPhone goes with me EVERYWHERE.


Pocket art! How cool is that?

These retail at $19.99 each. Right now I’ll be carrying iPhone 4/4S cases but if you have an iPhone 5 and are interested, please leave me a comment below.

As always stay tuned for further updates, because I LOVE adding new stuff to the shop ALL THE TIME!

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