Angie’s Action Tip #1 – Mentor’s Table

I’ve spent my last few posts talking about having the courage to make changes in your life. About following your heat and dreams in order to create the life you were meant to live. But what happens when you’re having a really bad day? We all have them. You know the kind I’m talking about – days when you can’t scrape together two bits of self confidence. It’s easy on these days to lose focus and give up.

Real easy.

Never fear my passion seekers! I’m here to give you an action tip that will help you regain some confidence, because after all, that’s kinda my job. 😉 I bet if I asked you right now Who inspires you?  you’d be able to name at least three people. Maybe they’re people you know or maybe they’re celebrities. Maybe they’re alive or perhaps they’re deceased –  either way I bet you can name three. Go on, I’ll wait.

*cue elevator music*

Got them? Good!

Now imagine you could sit down with these three people and have a chat. Picture it….you’re at your favorite coffee shop sitting down with the people you most admire and you have free rein to pick their brains on any subject. You can ask them all the questions you’ve just been dying to know.

Sound cool?

Now what if you could ask these three people for some advice. What would they tell you?

This exercise is called the Mentor’s Table and it’s an incredibly powerful coaching tool. The Mentor’s Table allows you to have a heart to heart with those that you most admire. Yes, this involves using your imagination but I know you can do it!

So let’s start by selecting those three people. Remember, living or dead, anyone is welcome at the table.

Next take a moment to envision a location for your chat. Would you meet them at a coffee shop, library, bar, your house, the zoo? Anywhere will do, as long as it’s meaningful for you.

Once you’ve picked a spot, imagine them walking in and sitting down. The more detail you envision, the stronger the image and the stronger the image, the more effective and meaningful the exercise will be for you.

Okay, are you there with them? Good!

Next I invite you to think of the perfect question to ask your mentors; one question that just needs answering. It can be anything from How will I EVER finish this novel? to Am I good enough to succeed?

Whatever the question, make it meaningful and specific. When you’re ready, go ahead and ask it of your first mentor.

Now be quiet and listen. Listen to what they have to tell you. What advice are they giving you? Really step into the moment and listen to what they say. Now write it down – without judgment – and when you’re ready, move on to the next mentor and ask again. Then follow this and ask your third mentor.

When you’ve finished your chat, make sure to thank your mentors for being honest in answering your questions.

Now this is the awesome part. Read what they said. I bet you’ll be surprised! Did they believe in you? Did they tell you to stop whining and do what you need to do? Were they supportive? Did they boost your confidence?

This exercise is designed to help you gain clarity through the eyes of someone you admire. It’s designed to give you the courage to pursue your goals because now you know that your mentors are on your side!

Speaking from experience…..

When I first tried this exercise I brought three very special people to the table: My very good friend, Viggo Mortensen and Diana Gabaldon. I admire these people, they amaze me and I value their opinions. I asked them – quite seriously – if it was possible to bring all the parts of me together. I sat quietly and imagined what they would tell me. They gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. Courage that I found deep inside of me through their words. I felt rejuvenated, I had awesome people that had my back! They believed in me and you know what? I believed in me too. I still do 😉

So the next time you are feeling alone or discouraged, sit down and have a good chat with those you admire. Ask them how they did it and listen as they share. Sometimes that’s all we really need.

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2 thoughts on “Angie’s Action Tip #1 – Mentor’s Table

  1. This is a brilliant idea and once the children have gone back to school, I will be having a very serious conversation with a few mentors who don’t even know they’re mentors! Thanks Angie!

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