DFQWBS – No, it’s not just random letters!

DFQWBS is an acronym for Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower and it’s all for Anna Meade. She’s getting married and a couple of lovely ladies thought that the best way to celebrate was to throw her a…..wait for it….flash fiction bridal shower! So below is my entry.

On a personal note, here is my wedding toast: Anna and Michael, I wish you all the very best. Marriage is about the journey, never forget that!

Author: Angie Richmond

ebook: Yes, please!

Title: Let’s Fall In Love


Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

Cole Porter’s playful voice danced around her, filling her dressing room and echoing off the walls. Helena closed her eyes and imagined Porter sitting tall at his piano, teasing the white and black keys and sporting a coy little smile. A few notes of his music and she couldn’t help but sway to the beat. She fastened a string of freshwater pearls around her delicate neck and noted that it was the perfect compliment to the gown Paul had sent her just this morning.

He did that often, send her little gifts. Jewelry, fur coats and hats – a great deal of hats. It was how he showed his affection. She knew that. But this gift was different. A creamy white gown adorned with pearls and beads and lengths of delicate lace. The note attached to the box was simple – I love you, darling– yet she felt the weight behind them. Paul was not one to be free with his emotions. Reading his I love you caused a stirring in her heart and her curiosity to awaken. Would tonight be the night? Would he utter the phrase she so longed to hear?

The coy smile that reached her lips was one to rival Porter’s any day.

As the music ended and the crackling sound of the needle scratching against the record replaced Porter’s playful voice, a firm knock caused Helena to jump.

“Just a moment.” She called out, taking care to lift the arm off the gramophone.

With one last look in the mirror she tugged at the beaded cloth that lay snug against her hips and pinched her pale cheeks. Her smile seemed hooked upon her lips. She couldn’t hide it if she tried.

As she pulled open the door, her heart leap from her chest. Paul – in his finest dark suit – knelt before her with his hand extended. Pinched between his thumb and forefinger perched the most beautiful, sparkling blue diamond ring she ever saw.

Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.” He sang.


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