A Lesson from the Universe

I’m usually more prepared with my posts.

Usually I have things laid out in advance, typed up and scheduled. But for some strange reason, today’s post never seemed to get written. In fact on my calendar there was a gaping white blank space where a post title usually exists. Now the funny thing is that by the time I realized I had nothing scheduled for today, there wasn’t a darn thing I could do about it because another funny thing happened…my internet broke.

I say funny but what I really mean is incredibly frustrating.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

Early last week during my session with my own (fabulous) coach, I made the commitment to take a break and enjoy some down time – a VERY important piece of homework that EVERY creative needs to do. And although I know this….I was *cough* definitely not *cough* practicing what I preach.

So the Universe – in its infinite wisdom – decided to teach me a lesson. Friday I came home from my day job to discover that our internet-boxy-thingy (yes that’s the technical term) was completely fried. It was beeping and clicking and flashing all sorts of lights and I was certain if we got too close it would explode. I may have even yelled at my dear hubby to “watch his pretty face” when he decided to inspect it further.

The result: B-R-O-K-E-N

The call to the internet provider revealed we’d be stuck without internet or TV till Tuesday. 5 DAYS PEOPLE! When’s the last time you went 5 days without internet?

You’d think I’d take this as a sign to start working on that relaxation homework I had set myself. Ha! No way. I was determined to outsmart Mr. Broken Interwebs. So Sunday morning I packed up my trusty MacBook Pro and a stack of To-Do papers and headed to Starbucks for some Skinny Vanilla Latte deliciousness and free WiFi connection. Oh YEAH!

Side note: It was snowing…YES SNOWING! on Sunday so this had all the makings of a heroic journey. Just saying.

Latte in hand, computer booted up and papers sprawled out around me…..no internet connection. Yes folks, my computer WOULD NOT connect to Starbucks WiFi. Nope, just wouldn’t. After several attempts at opening and closing the browser, restarting my computer and having a frantic completely calm discussion with the lovely barista, I called my hubby to admit defeat (and to take his Starbucks order 😉 )

As I made my way back to my car I stopped to look up at the snowflake sky. I had to laugh at the whole situation.

“You win this time, Universe!” I said under my breath as I got back into my car.

Sometimes the Universe has to hit you with something fairly big to get your attention. In my case it was a broken internet connection and snow.

I could have done without the snow 😉


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