I’m Back!

Yes, I’m finally back from holidays and I’m fresh and revived and ready to start focusing my attention on my NEW career! In case you missed the announcement, I’ve embarked on a new journey that includes coaching, writing and art FULL TIME! Yes, it’s my dream come true and I’m LOVING it.

And before I show you some super cool pics from my trip, I just want to let you all know that I’m cooking up some delightful things to share with you all.

Members Only Newsletters, Giveaways, eWorkshops, Special Promotions on Coaching and Art…it’s all coming this way so make sure you stay tuned. ESPECIALLY for the Members Only sign up…it’s FREE and it holds the key to awesomeness…just saying. 😉

And now commence the photos!

Seattle Goodness….

Vancouver Living….

That’s just a sample of the hundreds of pictures we took. Wish I could share more but I think my site might implode 😉







2 responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. Nine Cent Girl Avatar

    You are my inspiration!! Congrats on your new adventures!! xxoo

    1. ajjrichmond Avatar

      Oh thank you so much!!

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