Hello, June! Back So Soon?

All aboard the Insanity Ship! TOOT TOOT.

It’s that time again. A chance to jump aboard the insanity ship and set sail with all my awesome writerly friends.

Yes, June signals the beginning of JuNoWriMo or in layman’s terms June Novel Writing Month. Hosted by the lovely A.E. Howard and Becca J Campbell, JuNoWriMo encourages writers to…well write (duh) 50,000 words during the month of June.

See where the insanity part comes in? One way ticket to the padded white room.  I kid, I kid.

Seriously though, JuNoWriMo is more than just writing 50,000 words – an entire novel (or a good start) – it’s about community, unity and networking. It’s about developing our craft as writers. It’s about sitting our butts down – no excuses – and starting or finishing that pesky novel. It’s about supporting each other and having a lot of fun in the process!

So this year I am attempting to reach the 50k mark. I fell short last year and if I’m being honest…which I suppose I should be…I fell short during November (NaNoWriMo). But this year I’m doing it because gosh darn it I have way too many novels that need to be finished!

I hope you decide to join me and the other crazy awesome writers! We can lose our minds together!









3 responses to “Hello, June! Back So Soon?”

  1. Kern Windwraith Avatar
    Kern Windwraith

    Oh, dear, I was gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo in July, and along comes JuNoWriMo to confuse me! Choices, choices. What’s a particle to do???

    What am I worrying about. I have a whole day to make up my mind. No pressure, right?

    Hope you kick NaNo butt, Angie. I’ll be rooting for you!

  2. Nine Cent Girl Avatar

    I never knew!?! In June!?! Well, best of luck to you!! xxoo

    1. ajjrichmond Avatar

      Thanks! Maybe next year, I’ll see you as a participant 🙂

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