Is It For Me?

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Here’s what others are saying…..

There is something wonderful about stumbling around the internet, reading through blog posts or twitter feeds, and finding a real gem. This was my good fortune the day I found Angie Richmond’s post asking “Are you ready for a Change?” Like most people I know, there are days that I am quite certain that life could be much much more than I allow…but a big change feels elusive and even impossible.  Yet, after only one month of coaching sessions with Angie I can say with complete honesty, that my life has become much much more!

While there are no magic wands in coaching techniques, Angie offered an invitation for me to envision more than a muddled path ahead; she gave me clear strategies to take positive steps forward. The “Mentor’s Table” and the “Vision Walk” were two techniques that had immediate results, and even today, weeks later, are still manifesting effects. My desire to write more, feel more at peace, and move into a more creative life, have become more than a dream. Through Angie’s safe and careful coaching, I have discovered that I am closer than I had hoped!

I am glad to have Angie and her bag of tricks nearby, and look forward to all I can gain with her supportive and caring approach.

Thank you Angie!

Moira Donovan

Serendipity, writing and Twitter put me in touch with Angie, and it’s been a delight to work with her. Her individual guidance has been tremendously helpful in helping me sight some goals and begin to make my way towards achieving them. It has been thought-provoking and challenging to explore some of the barriers that get in the way of living a life more closely aligned with my passions, and I’m grateful for her input. I look forward to working on some concrete steps to go from plan to action.

Thanks again.


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