Complete Distraction

Now that Brandon is OFFICIALLY finished work (until we move to Vancouver) he’s taken on the role – and official title – of Complete Distraction. With about 6 weeks left in Winnipeg, he’s hell-bent on making the most of our time. This includes taking me out on lovely – yet distracting – jaunts. Monday’s jaunt was to Assiniboine Park – Winnipeg’s largest park.

Established in 1904, the park includes the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Conservatory, English Gardens, Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, Restaurants, the Lyric Theatre, a Duck Pond, Cricket, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball and Picnic Sites. It even has its own steam train line. It’s jam-packed with GOODNESS!

Undeterred by the clouds and roaring wind, we headed to the English Gardens.

Next stop, Leo Mol Sculpture Gardens for some lovely bronze sculptures. One of the sculptures got a little fresh with Brandon 😉

On our way to find a lovely picnic spot (chocolate & drinks = YUMMY PICNIC) I came across some beautiful words. Kinda summed up our day! <insert ooey-gooey comments here 😉 )


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