When in Texas, Visit the Dead (or something less creepy)

Recently I visited my lovely friends Anna and Brian in Austin, Texas and they – being ever so nice – indulged my creepy request to check out the Oakwood Cemetery.


Oakwood Cemetery is number 16 on the road to visiting 1000 cemeteries. Originally called the City Cemetery, Oakwood dates back to the mid 1850s and is thought to be were victims of the Comanche attack were first buried. Renamed in 1907, it spreads over 40 acres and includes an annex across the street.


The very first thing I noticed about this cemetery is just how large the headstones were. Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Overall, Oakwood was a pleasant surprise. It has a wonderful mix of old and new monuments and headstones. The grounds are well kept and full of trees and it has a peaceful atmosphere. I also drove by the Austin State Hospital Cemetery but I don’t have any photos. It seemed very spare and all the headstones were flat grave markers.

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