Wispy Writing Things: My Return to Flash Fiction

At the end of December, with tiny wisps of New Year’s Resolutions floating in my brain, I made a promise. I promised myself that 2016 would be the year of my writing. I promised that I would not only write more, but also take my writing career to the next level. For me that meant querying agents. While that’s big and scary, it’s also completely necessary. It’s also about proving to myself that my actions match my words. Because that’s important. Period.

In the meantime I’ve decided to go back to where it all began, flash fiction. I love flash fiction because it forces you to be succinct. It also sparks ideas for future novels. There are quite a few blogs that run flash fiction challenges. I chose VisDare by Angela Goff not only for the creative photo/word prompt, but because Angela is an inspiring wonderful person. Enough said. (Visit Angela’s blog for more info on Visual Dare)


VisDare 121: Tethered

Pretend they don’t see you.

If you close your eyes tight enough, they won’t. Just hold your breath and count to ten and let them pass you by.

Ignore the rope. Ignore the bursting in your chest. Pretend they don’t see you.


Don’t struggle. Don’t even make a sound.

If you keep still enough, they won’t find you. Imagine you’re floating in a sea of dreams. Otherwise they’ll be mad.

Ignore the rope. Ignore the buzzing in your ears. Pretend they don’t hear you.


Don’t remember, not even a little bit.

If you forget enough, it will be easier next time. Just let your mind unravel until there’s nothing left.

Ignore the rope. Ignore the tugging at your feet. Pretend they don’t feel you.





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