Let’s Play Tourist

Those who are in the know, know that I a) love all things British and b) love history. My ideal life involves traveling, visiting historical sites and writing. Because I’m a party animal, yo.

If I could catch a plane tomorrow and head to Britain for a castle-hopping expedition (like bar hopping but way cooler…and probably less beer… maybe.) I totally would. Sadly the travel fund is empty and although it’s depressing, it has also encouraged me to play tourist in my own city.

I moved to Victoria, BC in October 2015 having only visited the city once. But be still my beating heart! Once was enough, I assure you. This city has all the charm and British roots that I have been searching for my entire life. (dramatic, yes. I know.) Although I’ve been here over three months, I haven’t really explored what this city has to offer. Hence the title of this post.

So lovely reader, I’d love to take you along my journey to explore Victoria, British Columbia. If you’ve been here before, please share in the comments below some of your favourite places to visit. If you’ve never been here, you can play along too! Just google Victoria, BC and find some places that you’d like to learn more about. I’ll try my very best to visit that place, take pictures and tell you more about it. (P.S. We have castles here!!)

I think this will be fun and I hope you think so too!

And now, here are some photos from my recent excursions out.






5 responses to “Let’s Play Tourist”

  1. nellsembroidery Avatar

    The button shop in trounce alley I loved. Buttons I love. The alley reminded me of home. Seeing double decker buses is always comforting. I also loved beacon hill park and it’s peacocks and deer and the castle! I really want to visit again and explore it more with you!
    I didn’t like the gardens….they charged about $40 each in November. There were no flowers to see! And they didn’t have the Christmas lights up yet. What a rip off!

    1. Angie Richmond Avatar

      Thanks for commenting Nell! I’ll definitely need to check out the button shop because I LOVE buttons too!

  2. Let’s Play Tourist – Angie Richmond Avatar

    […] Source: Let’s Play Tourist […]

  3. brandonrichmond Avatar

    There’s so many great places to visit in Victoria and in the surrounding areas. Seeing more of the historical sights would be a blast

    1. Angie Richmond Avatar

      It will be! Thanks for commenting.

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