5 Tips to Get You Reading More in 2016

Back in December I decided that this year I was going to read 40 books. But since it was the same goal I set last year – and failed to accomplish – I was worried that I’d be forever saying ‘Next year 40’ and never actually reading them.

That’s when I decided to devise a fool-proof plan to reach my goal this year. No ifs, ands or buts about it!

So far I’ve been killing it! It’s February 2nd and I’ve finished 10 books. How am I doing it, you ask? Well, I sat down and made a list of the small changes I’ve made to help encourage more reading. I’d love to share them with you!

GAH! I wants them ALL!

Watch less TV

Okay this might be obvious but I’m going to say it anyway. When we spend less time on other activities it leaves more time for reading. I don’t know about you but TV is my BIGGEST time suck, bar none. I can claim to have no time to read and yet somehow I managed to plow through an entire season of Father Brown in 3 days. So even if you commit to watching one less show, that’s a few more pages or even chapters you can finish. BTW, Father Brown is excellent! I’m now reading the books. (BONUS POINTS for additional books read!)

Join a reading challenge

So I *may* be a bit competitive. A bit. Maybe. Okay, a LOT! When a friend put a call out to see if anyone was interested in joining POPSUGAR’s 2016 Reading Challenge I jumped at the chance. Not only does the challenge encourage you to read outside your genre, it’s flexible enough for you to select your own titles. I never would have read a political memoir but because I had to select one I read Justin Trudeau’s Common Ground and really enjoyed it. I’m using Evernote and Goodreads to track my progress. (PS. Goodreads has a reading challenge too!) (PPS. Evernote is DA BOMB for thought organization. Just saying.)

Take a book on the road

Do you take a bus? Wait in lines? Go for lunch? Take breaks at work?

Then having a book on hand is perfect to sneak in those extra pages in your down time. I make it a habit of always having a ‘roadie’ book. It’s usually a paperback because carrying a heavy hardcover sucks. I remember reading Stephen King’s On Writing book and he made it very clear that spare moments are lost moments if not reading. He also said that if you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time to write, and those are words that every writer ought to live by.

Schedule it!

Treat it like a meeting or appointment. Put it in your phone or daytimer. It doesn’t have to be hours, even 10 minutes will do. If you treat it like it’s important to you then guess what? It becomes just that.

This was probably a Friday night because we’re cool like that.

Make it a ‘Family Thing’

This is great on a two-fold level. 1) it encourages kids to start or continue reading and 2) gives you guilt free time to read. If everyone’s doing it then there’s no problem! My husband and I have taken to turning off the TV (see note above) and reading together. Again, length of time doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re all together and reading.

BONUS TIP: Get a library card

Worried about the cost of reading that many books? No problem! Libraries are full of books just waiting to be enjoyed. Most libraries also lend out eBooks too! This usually means no waiting for a book to be returned.

Don’t be jelly, but i have THE BEST library card.

BONUS BONUS TIP: Audiobooks, yo!

Okay so you drive to work. Not ideal for reading, but it’s perfect for listening to books! Audiobooks are great for those who are on the go. Doing housework, driving in a car, running on the treadmill, working in the yard – these are all great moments to listen to a book. And again, most libraries also lend these too.

Of course there are other ways to get you reading more books. These are just a few tips that work for me. Now I want to hear from you!

What are your reading tips? What are your biggest challenges? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks and keep on reading. πŸ™‚





11 responses to “5 Tips to Get You Reading More in 2016”

  1. Eve Messenger Avatar

    Great ideas! Except for scheduling family time (an idea I LOVE, btw) and listening to audiobooks (which I’m totally going to start doing) I think I pretty much do all of the things on your list. πŸ™‚

    1. Angie Richmond Avatar

      That’s awesome! It’s my opinion that every little bit counts. Good luck on your reading and thanks for commenting!

  2. Lisa Shambrook Avatar

    I’m trying to read more, especially as Bekah’s reading so much and keeps recommending books! I love the Kindle App on my phone as it means I can read anywhere, anytime!

    1. Angie Richmond Avatar

      Yeah, eReaders are FABULOUS for reading on the go! Plus they don’t take up space like books do. Good luck with your reading this year and thank you for commenting. πŸ™‚

  3. alittlebirdtweets Avatar

    A great post! I am almost finished my second book this year, but I still need to work harder to achieve my reading list. You have detailed some great tips. I especially like the one about audiobooks. I really need to try them out πŸ™‚

    1. Angie Richmond Avatar

      That’s great! I love hearing that people are reading. Makes my heart happy. I hope these tips help. Let me know what you think of audiobooks once you give them a go. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

      1. alittlebirdtweets Avatar

        Me too, it’s always great to see people with a book in hand (especially on the train to work). Yes I will definitely let you know what I think of the audiobooks (I have added this to my to do list for the year). Thank you πŸ™‚

      2. Angie Richmond Avatar

        Yay! You’re welcome πŸ™‚

  4. nickisalwaysonholidays Avatar

    Get Advice.
    One of the biggest things stopping my friends reading is they pick up the wrong books. For instance, recently a friend who doesn’t read thought that James Joyce’s Ulysses was a good start.

    1. Angie Richmond Avatar

      That’s a great point. It’s important to read the subjects you’re interested. Forget the trends, and follow your instinct. Thanks for commenting!

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    […] way back in February when I wrote a post about reading more in 2016? (Check out this link for valuable tips to get you reading more.) Well, guess what? It’s […]

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