Creative Profile: Interview with Angela Lynn – Author

I love supporting creative people! I love being a cheerleader for those brave souls who put themselves and their craft out into the world. It’s big and scary (trust me I know) and I somehow feel it’s my duty to help out however I can.

That’s why I decided to feature amazingly talented people on my blog on a semi-regular basis. Because it supports them and it helps you discover new amazing people! Win Win!

I’m calling this my Creative Profile Series and my first guest is Angela Lynn. Not only is she the talented author of the young adult novel All The What Ifs,  she’s also a lovely friend. So here we go! (P.S. There’s an awesome GIVEAWAY at the bottom. Don’t miss it!)



What inspired you to write this novel?

Hiya, Angie! First off, thank you SO much for inviting me on your site. I’m excited to be here!

All The What Ifs was inspired by a lot of things—music, personal life experiences, and some of my all time favorite movie (Say Anything, anyone?!). However the reason I started writing the novel was fairly simple, I wanted to write about kissing. I was listening to I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab For Cutie and I pictured two people on a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic in the wee small hours of the morning. I HAD to know where they were going and knew my bestie would want to know too.


How long did this novel take you to write?

People might be surprised to find out it took me less than four months to write All The What Ifs. I’m a fairly fast first drafter. It’s the editing part I tend to drag my feet on. I’m an over thinker and tend to never be satisfied with my writing. Letting go is hard, but an important lesson I’ve learned over the last fives years as I’ve been editing All The What Ifs.

Where do you see your characters in 15 years?

This is a tough question. Buuuuut off the top of my head:

Kendra is probably the head of a fortune five hundred company. I love that girl with all my heart and know she’s out there conquering the world. Emma is probably off with the Peace Corps making the world a better place one sharpie tattoo at a time. Nat’s running Cool Beans Cafe and probably hosts a book club after hours for high risk teens. Doug is probably a Dungeon Master and attends ComicCon religiously. And Tyler most likely had five kids. Poor guy has probably figured out by now that you cannot—no matter how hard you try—potty train an infant.

And Ashley and Lucas? I hope they’re off hiking somewhere. Maybe the Grand Canyon … I think that’s where they belong.

When did you first begin writing?

Oh man, I don’t even know. When I was in elementary school I had trouble reading due to a tracking problem with my eyes. The problem wasn’t discover until I was about eight-years-old. When I was a young kid reading and writing were difficult for me. They left me feeling like a failure, but my grandma never gave up on me. It was her passion and drive that pushed me to overcome my reading and writing issues and work harder. Maybe it was the desire to prove I wasn’t stupid or somehow lacking that lead me to become obsessed with reading and writing at an early age. Even to this day my eyes still give me problems, but I will never let them get in my way.

Aside from writing, what are you passionate about?

Reading, which I guess sounds kind of hooky, but my nose has been practically stuck in a book since I was kid. I’m always on the lookout for the next book that’s going to blow me away, rarely leave the house without a book in my bag, and have been known to hide in odd places just to squeeze in ONE MORE chapter.


What have you learned from self publishing?

There’s not much that I haven’t learned from self-publishing. On a personal level, I’ve learned to have more confidence in myself. Building a readership from the ground up is daunting. Having faith in myself, my book, and my ability as a writer has always been a personal struggle for me. Being my own boss is teaching me to step out and be more proactive about my career.

As a writer it’s taught me even more from formatting to cover design and everything in-between. I’m learning not only how to write cleaner and clearer, but what kind of author I want to be and the relationship that I want with my readers.

For me, publishing a book has always been about THAT connection between an author and a reader. I want to connect with my readers and be accessible to them. As a self-published/indie author I can set the tone of my career and make choices based on the goals that are most important to me.

What advice can you give to new writers?

Read. Read. Read. And then throw out all the well-meaning writerly advice you’ve ever heard and just. write. Seriously, write when you’re sad and write when you’re happy and don’t feel bad when you’re not writing. Just write and then read some more and eat a cookie or two and then get back to writing. It’s that simple and that hard.


Thanks Angela for letting me pick your brain! You can learn more about Angela and her novel All The What Ifs below.

Angela Lynn lives in the desert with her mister and their four awesome kids. She sucks at writing about the author pages. If you’d like to get to know her better you should probably drop by Twitter and start up a conversation with her. Her response will most likely be ridiculous. You’re welcome in advance. Visit Angela on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Website, Amazon

GIVEAWAY!!! We have two fantastic prize packs to giveaway. The first prize is a paperback copy of All The What Ifs and a pack of buttons (Canada and USA only). The second prize is an eBook copy of the novel and along with a pack of buttons (open to everyone International) Contest closes Sunday February 14th.

To enter just leave a comment below along with which country you reside in. Thanks!


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  1. Three of my favorite things in one wonderful package!! Great questions, Angie! And terrific thoughtfu answers, Ang! And ‘All The What Ifs’ … you are one lovely surprise!! ❤

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