Playing Tourist: Government House and the Oceanside

On the first Saturday of every month Government House opens its doors to the public. My love of historic buildings and all things British was enough to convince me to attend the tour. Accompanied by Brandon and three friends (a Brit, a German and a Canadian – damn we’re multicultural!) we set out to learn a little bit about the house and Canadian politics. Okay maybe not the politics part.

Known as the Ceremonial Home of all British Columbians, Government House is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The current Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Judith Guichon, was appointed by the Governor General (as they all are) and is charged with upholding the constitutional framework in British Columbia. Of course she has many other roles which I won’t go into because politics can be confusing. If you’re interested in learning more about Canadian politics and the Lieutenant Governor’s roles you can visit their website here.

The tour itself was interesting. We were a big group and therefore moved fairly slow through the rooms. A lot of the house was cordoned off to the public, but the rooms we visited we grand with a definite historic feel.

It was difficult to take photos without a gaggle of seniors getting in the way (we were the youngest people on the tour) and we definitely felt rushed towards the end, but I did manage to snap a few of the gorgeous stained glass, a ballroom and the Queen. Considering it was a free tour I wasn’t about to complain.

From there we grabbed a bite to eat at a delicious cafe called Bubby’s Kitchen. We ate on the patio (in February!!) and I had a yummy burger with fries because that’s how I roll.

MAJOR hat head going on right there.

Then it was off to the Oceanside to take in the salty sea air and the glorious sun that was peaking through the clouds. I spotted the very elusive North American House Hippo (see video here for details) basking in the sun.


We walked along the beach and rocks and I watched my hair expand as it normally does when the sea air touches it. By the end of the day my hair went from straight to wild-woman curly but nothing new there. All photos are pre wild woman.

When all was said and done we had a lovely day of history and food and friends, which is perfect in my opinion. I think I managed over 20,000 steps that day and I ended up napping when we finally arrived home. Basically it was another great day of playing tourist.

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