No News is Good News – Upcoming Travel Plans

So that was an unplanned extended break from the blog. Sorry about that, folks. But I promise I have ALL THE GOOD reasons! Since my last post some big and exciting things have happened in my life. No, I haven’t found an agent … yet (more on that in another post) but this is something that’s almost as exciting.

Brandon (the husband) and I have decided to pack up all our belongings (again) and go traveling for a couple months. This is something we’ve talked about for years but never managed to figure out how to make it work. After a few intense conversations, we decided that now feels like the right time to act.

For the next two months we plan to travel through the United Kingdom and Europe. We’ll begin our adventure on May 2 in London and make our way from there. We have planned stops in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. If we have the time (and money) we’d also like to visit Iceland or Germany.

Because this is an epic bucket-list trip we’ve decided to commemorate it by creating a new blog. It’s called Living Life Differently and it will document all of our travels. Both Brandon and I will be posting about the sights we see, the experiences we have and probably the food we eat because I already post pictures of my food so why not make it a thing. You can also follow us on Instagram at LiveLifeDifferent.

I’ll continue to post here, so don’t fret. But the majority of the travel bits will be housed on the new site. Though you’ll probably see loads of graveyard posts here because that’s my thang. I hope you decide to follow along with us, leave comments and make suggestions of places we should visit. My hope is that our travel blog will be a fun and interactive way for us to keep in touch with all you lovely folks.

And that’s it! We have a couple short trips (Seattle and Vancouver) planned this month before we fly overseas on May 1 and I’ll be posting about those on the other blog.

Next time you see me on here I’ll be bringing you up to speed on my writing and what it’s like to be in the querying trenches. (spoiler alert: it’s a mixed bag of emotions)

Take care lovelies,


P.S. How excited am I to be traveling and writing at the same time? Answer: LOADS.

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