Getting in the Game – Querying Agents & Rejection

Keep Calm and Eat Potato

~ Greens Market in Vancouver

Because really, what else can you do?

Anyway…this post is overdue by a few weeks but life got in the way blah blah blah.  I’m here now so let’s get to it.

Right. So I got rejected … twice, actually.

I began sending out query letters in search of an agent in March of this year. I’d finally worked up the courage to call my novel “complete” and send it out to beta readers. The feedback was positive and I decided to make my move.

A week after I sent out my first letter, I received my first rejection via email. It came after a long day when I was upset about something (can’t recall what because that’s the nature of time, it steals unimportant details.) I opened that email with a plethora of gut-wrenching emotions. I saw those first lines that said thanks but no (it was much more tactful than that) and I did something I wasn’t expecting – I smiled.

Being rejected sucked, of course, but it had a greater meaning for me. This one short email marked my initiation into the world of being an published author . For me, it proved I was finally in the game. I achieved what every successful author before me had achieved – I was rejected.

I’m sure as time passes and the rejection letters pile up there will be more frowning and less smiling. But for now I’m going to bask in the moment. I did it! I put myself out there and there’s no turning back now.

I still have query letters out there. I have no doubt the rejection letters will pile up in my inbox but I’m okay with that. Each rejection brings me closer to my goal. It allows me to rework my novel and try again and that’s pretty special. 🙂





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