Thursday’s Random Ravings

I was supposed to write a blog post today. Actually I was supposed to write a few. I’m so far behind on my blogging (on two sites…yes, I know) that if the blog posts were represented as a line, that line would be a dot. The line is a dot to me. Yes, I just botched a Joey quote from Friends. Moving on.

As most of you know I’ve been traveling for almost six weeks – five nights in Vancouver, eight nights in London, two weeks(ish) in Cirencester (It’s in England, look it up, it’s awesome), four nights in Dublin and eight nights in Glasgow (I’m on night four). I have no clue if that math adds up and really I don’t care. Just trust me, it’s a long time. It’s been the epic journey we’d hoped for and it’s been filled with amazing experiences. I’m grateful and I have no complaints. I shouldn’t complain. I won’t complain. But…

I’m tired. Like really tired.

That’s not really a complaint. I guess it’s more of a confession. Traveling is tiring and I suffer from TIRED.

When we (husband and I, obviously) first thought about this epic long holiday to see ALL THE THINGS we were aiming for two months. Which was actually more like nine weeks but who’s counting? We packed up our stuff…again…knowing full well it would be sometime before we:

a) slept in our own bed

b) stopped living out of a back pack

c) felt a sense of normalcy

And we were totally cool with that. In fact we were down right excited for that. Life on the road, that’s the life, amirite? Except we totally forgot that we’re no longer twenty-years-old. We’re in our thirties (some of us pushing forty – eeek!) and we’ve grown accustom to having our own space and our own bed and clean, unwrinkled clothes. (I miss my books. There I’ve said it.) And while these small things have been a thorn in our side, all the really cool stuff we’ve done has made that thorn bearable.

And then there’s my writing. Oh yes, my writing. Dun dun DUN! My plan to write on the road failed miserably has been more difficult than anticipated. Guess what? After a day of sightseeing, you’re tired and you want to sleep or mindlessly watch hours of YouTube or Netflix. Or you want to chat with the awesome people you’ve met along the way (Thank you Trotters and the Airbnb hosts). So while I have every good intention to write ALL THE BLOG POSTS about our trip, and other things I think are interesting but that no one else probably does, it just hasn’t happened. Well, not true. There was that one day. *face palm*

Call it an excuse, call it first world problems or call it anything else you like. It’s all true.

So there you have it, a post about nothing really. Me whining about being tired. I’m sure this will go down in the history books as the day Angie lost her mind on the interwebs. It’s okay, I’m cool with it.

P.S. I’ll try to do better next time folks. Promise.

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