A Much Needed Break

I’ve been known to utter the words I need a social media break! fairly often. Usually I’m so exhausted from keeping up with the copious amounts of negative posts, that I finally reach my breaking point. I swear off social media for an undetermined amount of time only to find myself checking my phone an hour  okay fine, 10 minutes, later.

But yesterday after waking up in a fairly decent mood and watching that mood slip further and further into the depths of self-pity and hopelessness, I’d had enough. I immediately said goodbye to my writerly friends in one of my groups and proceeded to delete all social media apps off my phone. ALL OF IT.

Goodbye, Twitter. Adios, Facebook. Auf Wiedershen, Instagram. Au Revoir, Google Hangouts.


For the first time, in a very long time, I felt free. Free from checking my phone every few minutes, free from all the negative energy floating around and free from the social media comparison game. That was a BIG one.

It’s day two of no social media and I still feel great. I did stop in quickly to Facebook to say a big thank you to my writing group. They’ve been completely supportive, which is no surprise. Then I quickly closed the browser on my computer BEFORE I read anything. It was tempting, but I managed.

I’ve set my notifications so that as long as I’m tagged in something, I’ll be alerted by email. This is only if something is very need- to-know. At least then I can decide how urgent it is.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be off social media. I’ll probably introduce it back slowly beginning with Twitter. Of all the social media platforms, Twitter is the least stress-inducing for me. Perhaps it’s because I’m able to filter out all the junk using lists and hashtags. (Tweetdeck is amazing for this!) But for now, I’m on a break.

I’m hoping with all this extra non-phone-checking time, I can dive back into my writing whole-heartedly and begin blogging more often. I won’t allow myself to sink into that negative space brought on by the chaos of this world. Am I sticking my head in the sand? Perhaps. But social media, like the news, has a way of making everything seem that much worse. Once I’m down it’s incredibly difficult to pull myself back up to a place where I can be creative. Until I can find balance, I need the space to breathe.

I realize I’ll be missing out on stuff I care about, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. I’m also hoping this break will encourage people to connect with me in other ways. I still love hearing from you! Emails and comments on my blog make me a very happy girl indeed!

p.s. Next time I’ll be posting some yummy writerly words from my novel The Reaper’s Bride. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “A Much Needed Break

  1. Wonderful plan! I also deleted Twitter from my phone. (I never had Facebook on it.) I’m also just trying to pull back in general from social media, though I do miss knowing what my friends are up to.

    1. It’s a difficult balance to maintain. I love social media for all the obvious positive reasons, but lately I’m finding it’s much more negative than I recall. It’s become the distraction I use to avoid all the things I love. I wish you the very best of luck with your social media hiatus! Thank you for commenting!

  2. You are fabulous and I have so much respect for you! I need to take a leaf out of your book and stop wasting my time on my phone! Big love xxx

  3. Ms. Creative, I understand completely. It wore me down about a month ago and that coupled with work stress became too much. I’m back now because, as you note, it is difficult when you miss finding out about stuff you care about. I hope your media break is restorative and that you come back renewed and full of your trademark Angie amazingness. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Jo-Anne! It’s been a week now and I can safely say that I’m feeling much better. I don’t miss Facebook at all, but I do miss Twitter. I’m happy you were able to take a break too and I hope it helped. Hugs!

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